Old work, new page

I have recently been fussing with my blog and have chosen a new theme which is cleaner all round.  No more shadows on my images.  I have also been reorganising the headings at the top with a new page called Works. Check it out.  It is an archive of previous jewellery works in reverse cronological order dating from 2005 back to 1995…scary how long I have been at this. Still not sure if this works but I will keep fussing and change if need be.

CAZ 110Detail: Tea tree neck piece 2003

I am also loading more images and information on the other pages…not yet complete…this way if I am flat out and not posting regularly then at least there is a history of projects and works for new visitors to look at… mmmmm yes,  I need a website and this is the cheats version!

One thought on “Old work, new page

  1. It’s great to be able to see your pearl piece from the South Sea Pearls exhibition at e.g. as we didn’t get to see it at the time. And you’re right, it seems quite tame (although also quite beautiful) in the light of history but it also seems very well resolved to me.

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