new ring 2 002

I was finally successful in bidding at the NMIT Jewellery fundraising Auction last night (small review of proceedings on Melbourne Jeweller). With a bubbles in one hand and pizza in the other I still managed to steadily hold up my bidding number…impressive.  The above little beauty is by jeweller Tae Schmeisser renowned for her ‘Wheelie Bin’ jewels.  The photo doesn’t do it justice so I will try and take another shot tomorrow during daylight hours.  It is baby blue powdercoated sterling silver and the black holes are actually rubies.  I also put in a few strong bids for a Blanche Tilden ring but no luck.  The ring I donated sold for a bomb so pleased all round.  I am currently teaching the students that organised the event and was so impressed by the seamless organisation…the venue was a winner.  Well done.

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