Final Act

It has been almost 5 weesk since my last post… BAD BLOGGER… I have been ill with every lurgy that floats by, incredibly busy with all manner of projects,  school holidays the list goes on.

I  finally posted work off to Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco for the Unnatural Acts exhibition curated by Mel and Lauren.  I made 4 pieces and the challenge I set myself was to use all the material I was given.  Every piece that was punched had a hole drilled in it and was threaded onto silk to form the neckpiece below… I warned you months ago… it’s a bit twee.

DSC_9691No.1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar neckpiece

DSC_9696No. 2 Breakfast… Lunch… Dinner brooch

DSC_9697Rear of No. 2… every good jeweller knows you can’t ignore the back!

DSC_9703No.3  Cocoon

DSC_9705No. 4 The Beautiful Butterfly Pin

fiona blog 010Just incase you had forgotten the original bits of vegetables, fruit and flora.

… and now I just need to finish the brooch for Bea Miles my rebel/non-conformist… the deadline is looming.

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