Nicknamed HOBO

Finally with blog working here is the follow up to the Hands on Heads workshop at Craft Victoria last weekend.  My journey in there was a pain in the A… bus, another bus (to replace train), train then taxi… hence the nickname Hobo. 10kms from the city never seemed so far. I dismantled my chair to get it in there and it made for a much more comfortable ride.

The workshop was quite mental, not really what I was expecting.  I laughed alot, was thrown right out of my comfort zone and made the ugliest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

There she is… Jumperdusa. Part chair, part pillow and much jumper (left over from previous workshop).


The first half of the workshop was full of activities including an obstacle race (timed and yes I won), musical chairs (and yes I won that as well… it was easy to see who had kids at home), hair dressing salon where we got to style wigs…

… and my favourite was the prosthetic… I only have video footage of this and I am reluctant to expose it as it was just too ridiculous.

… Stephen’s head

…Liam’s head.

It really was a mental afternoon.  I am not sure I quite understood the intention of some of the activities however it did make me aware of how uptight I am and how difficult I find it to let go in a public setting with strangers (even though I knew the participants).  I did suggest that next time a Champagne on arrival would be most beneficial.

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