Tickets please…

I recently posted off a brooch made for an exhibition to be held at Artisan in Bris Vegas. Previously mentioned here.  It is a group exhibition totalling 100 brooches from 100 makers for 100 women. The woman I was allocated-Bea Miles, was difficult to design for.  I chose to make a piece out of tickets in response to her refusal to pay for public transport and consequently bought someone’s entire ticket collection off eBay (over 800 tickets).

A beautiful range of colours and designs. I love the stains, tears and used condition of each ticket

I can’t reveal what I made until the exhibition opens on September 29th but I will keep you posted. Below are some more pages from the collection.

… and here is dear Bea, often referred to as a ‘colourful Sydney identity’.  If this is anything akin to  a ‘colourful racing identity’ then I can only assume it has connotations of seediness.  Bea was anything but seedy.  She was outrageous, eccentric and intelligent… she sported a visor… what more can I say.

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