Hybrid sign

I just got off the bus after attending the “Practice as a Site for Enquiry II: Hybridity” seminar at RMIT and found the above piece of cardboard on the ground.  Maybe it is a sign… what does it mean… perhaps I am in danger of cutting off my arm??? I preferred to view it as a sign to continue making work related to the body.  Aside from disgracing myself at the following exhibition opening I had a stimulating time.  Too tired to elaborate.

This is an image of the new Post Graduate studio workshop at RMIT that was also officially launched tonight… apologies for the cynicism but  I can’t imagine much hybrid action taking place in this tiny, sterile highly customised jewellery cubicle.

2 thoughts on “Hybrid sign

  1. I think you would have like to have seen that arm with its purpose intact. I saw one just like this the other day and almost bought it for you! It is the backdrop for an excellent fluoro-green fishnet fingerless glove 🙂

  2. ooohaaah…that does sound special. Don’t you just love the word ‘fingerless’.

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