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Seeding the cloud


… Roseanne Bartley’s workshops being run as part of the Craft Cubed Festival sounded so ace I just had to book in.  As far as contemporary jewellery goes in Australia I think Roseanne’s work really explores fresh territory.  The contemporary jewellery movement might be dead but contemporary jewellery lives on…  the rise of participatory design and making excites me.  I still have a love for static jewellery and objects but am motivated by the chance to be involved in someone elses process and collaborate.  I encourage others to join in and do the same. Roseanne has a blog detailing the project… check it out here!

Tickets please…

I recently posted off a brooch made for an exhibition to be held at Artisan in Bris Vegas. Previously mentioned here.  It is a group exhibition totalling 100 brooches from 100 makers for 100 women. The woman I was allocated-Bea Miles, was difficult to design for.  I chose to make a piece out of tickets in response to her refusal to pay for public transport and consequently bought someone’s entire ticket collection off eBay (over 800 tickets).

A beautiful range of colours and designs. I love the stains, tears and used condition of each ticket

I can’t reveal what I made until the exhibition opens on September 29th but I will keep you posted. Below are some more pages from the collection.

… and here is dear Bea, often referred to as a ‘colourful Sydney identity’.  If this is anything akin to  a ‘colourful racing identity’ then I can only assume it has connotations of seediness.  Bea was anything but seedy.  She was outrageous, eccentric and intelligent… she sported a visor… what more can I say.


As a teacher I am constantly in competition with Facebook… today however I was up against something entirely unprecedented.  The student above (who agreed to allow me to post this image) put the webcam on and proceeded to freshen up her makeup!

Nicknamed HOBO

Finally with blog working here is the follow up to the Hands on Heads workshop at Craft Victoria last weekend.  My journey in there was a pain in the A… bus, another bus (to replace train), train then taxi… hence the nickname Hobo. 10kms from the city never seemed so far. I dismantled my chair to get it in there and it made for a much more comfortable ride.

The workshop was quite mental, not really what I was expecting.  I laughed alot, was thrown right out of my comfort zone and made the ugliest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

There she is… Jumperdusa. Part chair, part pillow and much jumper (left over from previous workshop).


The first half of the workshop was full of activities including an obstacle race (timed and yes I won), musical chairs (and yes I won that as well… it was easy to see who had kids at home), hair dressing salon where we got to style wigs…

… and my favourite was the prosthetic… I only have video footage of this and I am reluctant to expose it as it was just too ridiculous.

… Stephen’s head

…Liam’s head.

It really was a mental afternoon.  I am not sure I quite understood the intention of some of the activities however it did make me aware of how uptight I am and how difficult I find it to let go in a public setting with strangers (even though I knew the participants).  I did suggest that next time a Champagne on arrival would be most beneficial.

Final Act

It has been almost 5 weesk since my last post… BAD BLOGGER… I have been ill with every lurgy that floats by, incredibly busy with all manner of projects,  school holidays the list goes on.

I  finally posted work off to Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco for the Unnatural Acts exhibition curated by Mel and Lauren.  I made 4 pieces and the challenge I set myself was to use all the material I was given.  Every piece that was punched had a hole drilled in it and was threaded onto silk to form the neckpiece below… I warned you months ago… it’s a bit twee.

DSC_9691No.1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar neckpiece

DSC_9696No. 2 Breakfast… Lunch… Dinner brooch

DSC_9697Rear of No. 2… every good jeweller knows you can’t ignore the back!

DSC_9703No.3  Cocoon

DSC_9705No. 4 The Beautiful Butterfly Pin

fiona blog 010Just incase you had forgotten the original bits of vegetables, fruit and flora.

… and now I just need to finish the brooch for Bea Miles my rebel/non-conformist… the deadline is looming.