Commit No Nuisance

Commit No Nuisance was the title of my contribution to the Interventionist Guide curated by Lynda Roberts. In October 2009, Platform Gallery at Flinders St Station was transformed into a virtual map of Melbourne, revealing sites for individuals and groups to temporarily intervene within the existing urban fabric.

My creative urban orienteering led me to identify potential mini gallery sites within the city fabric that related to both small crafted objects and to the human body in an intimate way.  Each artist produced a zine which became a guide to intervening in the urban fabric. My zine focussed on information to enable crafters to seek out their own spaces for siting small works.  If you visit the Interventionist Guide and click on the Guides section you will be able to download a PDF copy of my zine.  There is a content and a map section.

Caz install (58)

Example of location with 2 brooches installed

I was exploring the city to find spaces that were intimate and  to use those spaces in  a way to explore ideas about objects – trying to draw people into those spaces.

As well as the intimate scale, I was looking for something that was intrinsically humble about these spaces. In a way, it’s a reaction to the grandness of the city  –  the shards and the geometric monstrosities and those gravity-defying, angular, colorful forms. It’s the spaces that are built without any consideration that I look for.

 I identified about 10 locations and then made a piece of jewellery for each space. 

All the jewellery pieces were made from trashy jewellery brochures collected from the city stores – Zamels, Bevilles, Swarovski…you get the gist.



The above is a Picasa collage of images of some of the work as I haven’t had time to upload the rest.  Click on image to enlarge.

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