Precious Nothing

Precious Nothing is a body of contemporary jewellery work that explores what is considered precious and how we can imbue preciousness into the common and the everyday.

The body of work although made entirely of 18ct yellow gold was inspired by a city’s seemingly non-precious street life; both its intimate, and its very public spaces.

The project involved the collection of a selection of discarded cultural reminders and markers of time and place. Amongst these were debris, sweepings and litter: not just rubbish but the outright disgusting.

Built up grime was scraped, collected, bonded and manipulated into varying forms. Moulds and pressings were taken from the city itself; textures from buildings, footpaths, windows, wire mesh, timber, signage and so on.

These were then cast in 18ct yellow gold and made into wearable jewellery pieces.


On the job. Taking a mould of the corner of the Melbourne Town Hall where it meets the street. NW cnr Little Collins St & Swanston St, Melbourne.


On the job. Taking a mould of a step at Flinders St Station, Melbourne. “I’ll meet you under the clocks”,  all 9 of them.

CG 06

18ct Yellow gold ring,  the final result of mould making on the steps at Flinders St Station. Photograph is a little kitsch!


Pinpin, 18ct yellow gold, cast from safety pin found in Swanston St, Melbourne, 2007. Check out Art Almanac cover Feb 2008!

CG 12Crossed Wires, 18ct yellow gold.  Pendant cast from a piece of wire found in the grounds of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, 2008

CG 05‘Toilet Paper Brooch’, 18ct yellow gold, cast from toilet paper found in public toilets of Ian Potter Centre, NGV, Federation Square, 2007

4. Precious Nothing installation08

Exhibition installation of Precious Nothing at Craft Victoria Feb 2008. The installation was designed as an integral part of the body of work.  The installation comprised of a series of six individually lit display windows laser cut and set into three self supporting walls.  Each window is specifically designed to reflect the group of jewellery pieces displayed within. The false walls were complete with skirting to create the illusion of a room.


Pigeon silhouette alcove  for the pigeon poo brooches.

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