…and the other project!


I haven’t blogged about this yet as I have been under the pump with establishing it and thankfully other members Katherine Bowman and Anna Davern have been diligently keeping the blog torch alight. Some of you (the 2 family members that look at my blog once a month) will already know what Northcity4 is and if you haven’t heard please visit the Northcity4 website.  Feel free to subscribe to our email newsletter if you like.

 We also now have a Northcity4 Facebook page so please pop over and visit here.

It is finally starting to feel like it is actually happening!

Charming production

Well hasn’t it been a while!  I am just going to get on with what is currently happening and anything in between the previous ancient post and now will have to remain up to your astute minds and put all the pieces together.

Above is a production line of  Charming-ID Cards (they have their own blog) which feature in an exhibition that opens tomorrow night!  Joyaviva – Live Jewellery across the Pacific at RMIT Gallery 6-8pm curated by Kevin Murray…come along, grab a card, activate and go home feeling lucky!

Some more info below;

Joyaviva: Live Jewellery Across the Pacific / Joyería en vivo a través del Pacífico will be on display in Melbourne 10 February – 24 March, with a special forum on 15 March. It will then go to Sydney (UTS Gallery, 31/7-31/8), Auckland, Santiago, Valparaiso, La Paz (Bolivia) & Mexico City.

Joyaviva is an exhibition of objects by 21 contemporary jewellers that connect people across the Pacific. New models of jewellery practice in our region explore the power of objects in our lives. Featuring:

  • Australia: Roseanne Bartley, Melissa Cameron & Jill Hermans, Caz Guiney, Jin ah Jo, Blanche Tilden, Alice Whish
  • New Zealand & Aotearoa: Jacqui Chan, Ilse-Marie Erl, Sarah Read, Gina Ropiha, Areta Wilkinson, Matthew Wilson, Kathryn Yeats
  • Chile: Guillermina Atunez, Francisco Ceppi, Analya Cespedes, Carolina Hornauer, Massiel Mariel, Angela Cura Mendes, Valentina Rosenthal, WALKA Studio




Charming Front

Here is a link to my latest blog Charming Front documenting a new project! It has been a while coming and you have to excuse my pathetic attempt at using Blogger for the first time.  I will spend some time over the next few days getting some tutorial advice from the feel of steel guy and spruce it up a bit.



Participation…needed on the home front!

I spent last week doing a rigourous workshop at RMIT with French historian/designer/5 day jeweller Benjamin Lignel… ‘The thrills and pangs of participation’. The above is a the result on the home front of being incredibly busy during the week and unable to attend to the domestics.

Although I have worked in an interventionist way in the past this workshop pushed me to think more seriously about participatory work and how it may or may not function as part of my practice.  I am still recovering so can’t elaborate at present but note I have had busy brain and trouble sleeping whilst participatory project ideas madly filter in and out!  I will post some pics or link you to some soon.



Hybrid sign

I just got off the bus after attending the “Practice as a Site for Enquiry II: Hybridity” seminar at RMIT and found the above piece of cardboard on the ground.  Maybe it is a sign… what does it mean… perhaps I am in danger of cutting off my arm??? I preferred to view it as a sign to continue making work related to the body.  Aside from disgracing myself at the following exhibition opening I had a stimulating time.  Too tired to elaborate.

This is an image of the new Post Graduate studio workshop at RMIT that was also officially launched tonight… apologies for the cynicism but  I can’t imagine much hybrid action taking place in this tiny, sterile highly customised jewellery cubicle.

Makers Mark

Many weeks ago I promised Karen from Melbourne Jeweller that I would supply an image of my Makers Mark for an archive that she decided to compile of Melbourne jewellers stamps.  Karen kept her end of the bargain and me … well it took a bit longer than planned.  Anyway I eventually got around to it and encourage other Melbourne jewellers to do the same.  Here it is!